Landscape design awards of excellence

Julia has been featured in several magazines, and in an article in the July 10th, 2008 issue of the Edmonton Journal entitled Garden makeover: Like magic!; Using architectural tricks to make a pool fence fit in.

Julia's landscape designs have also won many awards including several Awards of Excellence from LANTA (Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association) for both residential and commercial landscape designs that she has done while working for Earthworm and Julia's Alpine Garden. In fact, Julia has won a LANTA award every year since 2006!

Pictured above is her 2006, LANTA award-winning landscape design for an acreage in the Alberta prairies. Some key elements of the landscape design are a football field, waterfalls, an outdoor fireplace, numerous patios, and a fruit and vegetable garden among other things. Every inch of the acreage is used to create beauty and functionality. All trees, shrubs, and perennials were carefully chosen to thrive in their location and in the northern Alberta climate.