We have been planning beautiful, award-winning residential and commercial landscapes in Alberta, Canada for over 20 years.

Our designer Julia Todorova has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University Of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she specialized in parks and alpine gardens. She founded Julia's Alpine Garden in Edmonton, Alberta almost 20 years ago and she has been doing landscape design in Alberta since then. Julia's landscape designs have won many awards, including several Awards of Excellence from LANTA (Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association) for her residential designs.
Julia Todorova's designs have been featured in various Canadian and international magazines.

We offer various services such as 3D rendering and project management to help you visualize your dream yard.

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Selected Projects

Improve Your Curb Appeal

There's never been a better time to enjoy the beauty of professional landscaping and increase your property value all at the same time! We have been helping Albertans improve the curb appeal of their homes for over 20 years!

When you choose us, you choose the best

Julia has been featured in several magazines, and in an article in the July 10th, 2008 issue of the Edmonton Journal entitled Garden makeover: Like magic!; Using architectural tricks to make a pool fence fit in. Julia's landscape designs have also won many awards including several Awards of Excellence from LANTA (Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association) for both residential and commercial landscape designs that she has done while working for Earthworm and Julia's Alpine Garden. In fact, Julia has won a LANTA award every year since 2006!

Pictured above is her 2006, LANTA award-winning landscape design for an acreage in the Alberta prairies. Some key elements of the landscape design are a football field, waterfalls, an outdoor fireplace, numerous patios, and a fruit and vegetable garden among other things. Every inch of the acreage is used to create beauty and functionality. All trees, shrubs, and perennials were carefully chosen to thrive in their location and in the northern Alberta climate.

Design and Consultation Price Lists

Landscape Design Price List (hand-drawn)

  • city lot - $550
  • half of an acre - $795
  • more than half of an acre - $895

Landscape Design Price List (computer)

  • 3D design - $1195 and up
  • 3D rendering - $595 and up

Project management and consultations

  • Residential project - $75 per hour
  • Commercial project - $105 per hour

What to expect?

Julia's landscape designs are done at your property as scale, architectural pencil drawings to allow for spontaneous creativity, maximum usefulness, and affordability. Additionally, you can order 3D renderings of certain areas of the design as well as a complete 3D design.

There are two main steps to the landscape design process:

1. Booking and preparing for your landscape design appointment

The landscape design process begins when you book your appointment with Julia. At this time, you will be asked to answer a number of questions about the existing condition of your property and about what you want and need in your landscape design. You may also request to have a questionnaire faxed or e-mailed to you rather than answer the questions over the phone.
We also suggest that you provide us with a real property report or blueprints for your property before your design appointment with Julia. This will allow Julia to prepare a scale drawing of your property ahead of time so that during your appointment she can concentrate on working with you to design the landscape of your dreams.

2. Your landscape design appointment

Julia will arrive at your property at the scheduled time and after brief introductions and a preliminary look around the yard, she will be ready to start your landscape design. If you did not provide a real property report or blueprint, then Julia will spend roughly the first hour measuring your yard and making a scale drawing of the property. She will then accompany you around the yard for a more careful inspection of the existing elements such as shapes and colours of structures (house, shed, fence etc.), existing plants, elevations, sun exposure, drainage paths, and lines of sight. You are encouraged to provide input during this phase.

The next step is to discuss all of your landscape design needs and desires with Julia in detail. She will review your questionnaire, listen to everything you have to say, and provide you with suggestions and comments until you have reached a consensus about what to put in your design. We want you to be happy with your design so be sure to ask as many questions and make as many suggestions as you like. Julia will then draw in the positions of all the elements of the design (flower beds, walkways, patios, trees, etc.), check it with you, and rework it as required. Once you are satisfied with the layout, Julia will fill in some more details and prepare you a plant list. That's it!

The whole process usually takes about 2 to 3 hours and you are left with a professional, scale architectural landscape design ready to be constructed by you or your landscape construction company of choice. (Note: for particularly large or complicated designs, Julia may need to bring the drawing home to complete, although this is rare).

If you have any questions about the landscape design process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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